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About Milly Gray

Milly Gray is a Canadian-Greek author, fiction editor, and lifelong reader. Her Sagittarius self has a hard time committing to a single genre which means she’s rather chaotic in her writing interests. One minute, she’ll dream up a contemporary romance, the next a historical, and follow that up with some magical realism. She is also an accidental poet because it turns out that poetry is cheaper than therapy. While she may not know what she’ll write next because of her commitment branding issues and a fickle muse, she does have one promise for her readers – that her stories will give them joy and end in happily ever afters. She founded Gray Plume Editorial Services in 2017 because she believes everyone has a story to tell. Milly is passionate about supporting diversity in publishing so she served as a volunteer mentor for the Inclusive Romance Project in 2020 and 2021.

When she’s not at the office or editing a novel, Milly can be found using her phone to photograph anything that grabs her attention as inspiration for her own writing.  She loves all things history, mythology, and language. Her genre of choice is Romance, but she’s not picky. She’ll read, edit, or write anything.

Milly is a member of Toronto Romance Writers (TRW).